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What is Sustainable Buildings?

SustainableBuildings is beyond an initiative or a company. It is a philosophy of making our buildings energy-efficient and more sustainable.

We reflect that philosophy through our products and services. We provide a SaaS cloud platform that enables organizations and businesses to save up to one-third of energy in their buildings. The system helps facility managers to manage their buildings in a much easier way. Moreover, our solutions enhance working environment for building users so that they can be more productive at work.

Currently, we focus on public energy dashboards that make users of buildings more aware of energy they consume at work, as well as energy dashboards for management that help managers get better insights into energy consumption in their buildings. On top of that, we motivate users to save energy whenever they have opportunities to do so.

We also focus our energy on automating the control of energy consuming devices using intelligent algorithms. In this way, we can ensure both constant energy-saving and the peace of mind for our customers.

Our story

We were not very happy to see energy being wasted in a building where we work. Lights stayed ON during sunny days when it was not needed. People left their PCs on during weekends. Heating was scheduled even during vacations or very warm days.

Our colleagues were also not happy. Very often, they had to wave to sensors to turn their lights on. Moreover, they were not satisfied with temperature in their office and they could almost do nothing about it. This distracted them and reduced their productivity.

Most concerned were facility managers. They had to react on user complaints and at the same time worry if people switch off lights and devices when leaving their office. They had to ensure that consumption stays within planned limits and they did not even have a proper insight in energy consumption.

We decided – This has to change!

Buildings can be smarter, energy saved, and people much happier at their work!

Benefits of our solutions


can reduce energy costs by up to 35%


can manage energy, water in much easier and fun way


can have working environment adjusted to their needs with less distractions for increased productivity


Watch our 90 seconds pitch on Pioneers Festival 2015



Consumption Monitoring

o Identifying energy leakage in real-time

o Acting proactively instead of reactively using real-time notification alarms

o Giving real-time feedback to building users

Environment Monitoring

o Understanding important factors influencing consumption

o Ensuring high Quality of Building

o Identify and mitigate environmental and health risks quickly (for example, high CO2 levels)

Manual Control

o Reducing building consumption

o Save facility manager’s time by controlling devices from a remote location

o Improve building user’s satisfaction by providing a quick response

Automated Control

o Saving time by automating repetitive manual control tasks

o Constantly providing high quality working environment for your employees

o Saving money while not worrying about unnecessary energy consumption


  • "Sustainable Buildings helps us make our employees and our citizens more aware of energy consumption and what they can do to save energy. We find that to be the first step towards making our buildings energy neutral by 2035." 

    Peter Petersen, GrESCo, Municipality of Groningen

  • "Working together with SustainableBuildings startup, helped our university to become the most sustainable university in the Netherlands." 

    Dick Jager, RuG Sustainability manager

  • "With a random mix of consuming electrical devices & energy dashboard of Sustainable Buildings in the science exhibition RE:charge, we make our visitors aware of their personal energy consumption in their daily lives with impact on the process of energy transition." 

    Ingeborg Veldman, projectleader Science LinX, science center University of Groningen

Meet our team


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Faris Nizamić


Faris is the CEO, responsible for leading the company and for business development. He strongly believes that bringing advanced IT solutions to built environments will have a great impact on environmental sustainability and on the well-being of us, building users. Faris holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Groningen. Previously, he has sucessfully led a 200-member organization.


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Tuan Anh Nguyen


Tuan is the COO, overseeing ongoing operations within the company. He also ensures our product development runs smoothly. Tuan believes that the Internet of Things combined with Artificial Intelligence solutions will significantly change the future of buildings. Tuan holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Groningen. His PhD focuses on systems for energy adaptive buildings.


Green Mind Award 2012
100.000 EURO grant
Implementation of
“Sustainable Bernouliborg”
research project


Green Mind Award 2014
100.000 EURO grant
Implementation of
“SensibleHeating system”
research project


Community Award
at the Pioneers Festival 2015
largest European event for
startup, investors and media


Among Top 100 out of 2300
competing startups at the
Hello tomorrow 2015
startup conference


10.000 EURO grant
“Sustainable Buildings Challenge”


Startup FastTrack competition
one of three winners with a
grant of 10.000 EUR

Startup FastTrack weekend
Best business model and pitch
among competing energy companies
in The North of The Netherlands



Check "The Bernoulliborg - The building of Sustainability"

Contact us

We are founded in Groningen 


Nijenborgh 9, 9747 AG Groningen

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