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We provide an innovative energy management system (EMS)
to make buildings smart and sustainable.

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How it works?

See how our solutions help Peter, a facility manager, improve his building’s indoor climate conditions and cut energy bills.

The ultimate tool on your road

to energy neutrality

Management Dashboard

  • Monitor multiple buildings from one dashboard
  • Access from anywhere, using any device
  • Track electricity and gas consumption in real-time
  • Track occupancy, temperature, humidity, CO2 and light levels in real-time
  • Represent data in different forms
  • Navigate through historical consumption data with different views (hourly, daily, monthly, etc.)
  • Export graphs in popular formats in just one-click

Upcoming features:

  • Consumption summary (baseline, peaks, average consumption, etc.)
  • Consumption-weather analysis (e.g., degree day analysis)
  • Real-time notifications/alarms
  • Event tracker
SB Dashboard

Consumption Monitoring

Monitor your electricity and gas consumption in real-time. Increase building-user awareness by providing real-time feedback through public dashboards.
Gain greater insight into your consumption using dashboard for managers; start saving energy.

Software as a Service subscription

Manual Control

Forgot to switch off devices when leaving your work? No worries.
Now you can start saving energy by putting devices in energy saving mode even from a remote location. Instant savings visible.

This service is available as a pilot project.

Environment Monitoring

Monitor your indoor environment in real-time. Know more about temperature, humidity, light or CO2 levels at any moment. Understand the factors that affect your energy consumption. Start to improve your working environment.

Software as a Service subscription

Automated Control

Tired of managing devices manually? Just want to have savings and not worry about wasted energy? Press auto-pilot, relax, and ensure optimal energy consumption at all times.

This service is available as a pilot project.

For companies who want to go

a step ahead

Public Dashboard

  • Increase awareness and involvement of building users in energy saving
  • Give real-time feedback to building users
  • Increase visibility of your sustainability projects
  • Manage customized energy saving tips or notifications for building users
  • Responsive dashboard – self adjustable to all types and sizes of screens
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Success stories

We make success stories.

Will yours be the next?


"Sustainable Buildings helps us make our employees and our citizens more aware of energy consumption and what they can do to save energy. We find that to be the first step towards making our buildings energy neutral by 2035."

Peter Petersen - GrESCo, Municipality of Groningen

"Working together with SustainableBuildings startup, helped our university to become the most sustainable university in the Netherlands."

Dick Jager - RuG Sustainability manager

"With a random mix of consuming electrical devices & energy dashboard of Sustainable Buildings in the science exhibition RE:charge, we make our visitors aware of their personal energy consumption in their daily lives with impact on the process of energy transition."

Ingeborg Veldman - Projectleader Science LinX, science center University of Groningen